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December 2015
   ¡W.W. O'Brien Vitorones Coons announcement comes in a shot with Owen Wilson for Crodino in Italy!.
   It was a wonderful experience, everyone was in love by O'Brien`s beauty, his size and his good character.
   Here you have the link to view it.

   This is a photo of the day of the shooting.

15 and November 16, Felina World Expo in Madrid
           Ulises D'El Cuetu, Vendetta Vitorones Lisbeth coons and Kenya are released in their first show.
           Vendetta and Kenya get the CAC both days.

10 and 11 of May, 2014, Felina World Expo in Thessaloniki - Greece
           Vitorones O'Brien and Coons is World Champion!
           Saturday: CACM, Best in Show, Best of Best 1 and 1 in 27 WCF Ring
           Saturday: Honor Award, Best Opposite, 1 Jubilee 33 WCF Ring and 3rd Ring 33 in WCF



22 and 23 ofFebruary , 2014 World Expo in Fuimicino Felina - Rome
          Ya just have to 1 CACM to be World Champion!
           O'Brien returned 1 Vitorones Coons CACM 2 days and Sunday Nominee and Best Variety

November 2nd 3th  2013  - Expo Felina Mundial Club Felino de Madrid

European Champion O´Brien Vitorones Coons al least!

Jury gave him  2 CAGCE, Best in Variety and Best in Show nominee on Sunday.


Isabohe SweetLynx get her two first CAC.   

From our breeding, Fiona y Frida had a hard competition between themselves, and "Frida de Lisbeth" won this time with  Ex. 1º y BEST IN SHOW! both days.


Another two kittens from our breeding was competing in the Expo:

Draco de Lisbeth, with 2 CAP and BEST IN SHOW on Saturday.

Caruso de Lisbeth, with 2 CACJ, Best in variety and  BEST IN SHOW on Saturday.

We compete as breeders and won!!!!


29 and June 30 "International Feline Expo" Gran Canaria
Coons Vitorones O'Brien is already European champion! ! CAGCE and get a nominee BIS, Special Price, Best in Show and Best of Best 2 º
Waka Vitorones Coons get 2 CAGCIB, Nominated for BIS, Special price and Best Oposite
Haydee SweetLinx Champion Spain already! and gets his 1st CACIB

25 and May 26, 2013 "ASFE-FIFE International Expo"
May 26: Haydee sweetLynx: E 1, CAC
May 25: Haydee sweetLynx: E 1, CAC

"Expo-Jack Madrid" CFM (WCF)
 November 3, 2012
           Sweetlynx Gretel: Ex 1, CAC
           Waka Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CACIB
           O'Brien Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CACE, Nominated Best

November 4, 2012
           Sweetlynx Gretel: Ex 1 CACIB
           Waka Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CACIB, Nominated Best
           O'Brien Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CACE, Nominated Best

"Expo Calella - Barcelona" ASFEC (WCF)
   April 13, 2012
            Sweetlynx Gretel: Ex 1, CAC, Nominated Best
            Waka Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CAC
            O'Brien Vitorones Coons: CAGCIB, Nominated Best and Best of Variety

   April 14, 2012
            Sweetlynx Gretel: Ex.1, CAC
            Waka Vitorones Coons: Ex.1, CACIB, Nominated Best.
            O'Brien Vitorones Coons: CACE


"Valladolid Exhibition" CFM (WCF) February 26, 2012

          O'brien: Best Op.Sex

          Gretel: Best in Show (Kittens)


Exhibition León October 24th of 2011   

          O'brien: Best in show León 2011.