De Lisbeth   Maine Coons

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     We are a family in love with this breed, and we have made ​​our home in the perfect place to raise our cats maine coons.  

     We are in a little village in the hills near Madrid, where pets grow in a healthy and natural enviroment, making a special ambiance to delight in our pet passion and make it part of our lives.                                                     

     We have special care in the health of our cats, and we test them of Leucemia as well as we have the genetic report to prove they are  DPK, HCM and SMA free.   We do veterinary controls to assure us the health of the pets and to de- staticized and vaccinate them.

     We like to greet to Vitorones' Julia and Ángel and SweetLynx's Patri and Abel share their knowledge and experience with us, and over all trust in us to care some of this marvellous cats.