De Lisbeth   Maine Coons

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  I. Ch. Waka Vitorones Coons


     Born March  23, 2011

     MCO W White.

     Father: Treasure Island's non Stop

     Mother: Wild Obssesion's Midnight Lady

     Pedigree     Expos     Gallery




Isabohe SweetLynx


         Born July 28, 2012.

       MCO n 22 Brown Tabby Blotched.

       Father: CH. Langstteich's E'Cartier

       Mother: CH. IN. Rebeca Vitorones  Coons

       Pedigree    Expos   Gallery




Xira Vitorones Coons


          Born february 09, 2014

       MCO w 62 White.

       Father: Treasure Island´s Non Stop

       Mother: Raisa Vitorones Coons

      Pedigree     Gallery




Vendetta Vitorones Coons


          Born January 14, 2014

       MCO f 09 22 Tabby Blotched Turtle Black and white        

       Father: Treasure Island´s Non Stop

       Mother:  S * LÖddeskogen's the Spanish

          Pedigree           Gallery




Rasiah D´El Cuetu



              Born March 27, 2014

          MCO n 22  Brown Tabby Blotched

          Father: S*Street Cats Just As I AM

          Mother: IT*Leaena Silver Dreams

        Pedigree          Gallery



Jenny Vitorones Coons


           Born June 08, 2015.

        MCO f 22  Black Tortie Tabby Blotched.

        Father: S*LÖddeskogen´s Tars Tarkas

        Mother: Napoli Of Baydar

             Pedigre      Gallery




Rwanda De Lisbeth


           Born february 09, 2015.

        MCO f 09  Black Tabby Blotched

        Father: W.W. O´Brien Vitorones Coons

        Mother: Ch. I. Waka Vitorones Coons

             Pedigre       Gallery